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Play anything, in any key, anywhere on the neck.

Do you remember when someone handed you the keys to your very first car? It probably wasn’t brand-spanking new, maybe struggled a bit going up hills, and might have even been older than you at the time, but that ear-to-ear grin plastered on your face for months to come had little to do with the car itself — it was all about your new-found freedom to do anything and go anywhere, anytime you wanted to. Freedom — that was the rush.

Tom Dempsey is handing you another set of keys with Fretboard Phenom. These keys will bring you a different form of freedom — fretboard freedom. And just like that first car, you’ll enjoy the rush of freedom to play anything, anytime and anywhere on the fretboard.

Guitar players naturally tend to favor certain positions and certain fingerings for scales in relationship to that scale’s parent key. Think G minor pentatonic for example; 3rd position, right? But there are many other positions to play that scale on the fretboard of a guitar. Maybe we know one or two more of them but that still leaves all of the other positions completely in the dark, forcing us to jump around the fretboard to play over changes. This holds true for every scale!

Deep down inside we all know this to be true but we remain handcuffed to the familiar because we’re creatures of habit, a little bit lazy, and mostly because we haven’t yet discovered an easy, fool-proof way to unlock the fretboard for us.

As you might imagine, we’ve seen a lot of great fretboard navigation systems over the years. They all work IF the student is willing to put in the time and energy to grasp their logic and then embed that logic in their muscle memory. And therein lies the rub — our students simply do not have ample time to invest in these more elaborate, time-consuming approaches.

That’s why we freaked when Tom presented his method to us — it took no time at all to grasp the logic, and all a student has to do is commit just five ‘tonality shapes’ to memory and they’re off and running. Sure, it’ll take time becoming comfortable and fluid improvising within those shapes, but certainly not as much time as the other methods we’ve seen.

Another significant distinction with Tom’s method is the learning process itself - you’ll learn and practice ALL of the tonality shapes with video playalongs and practice rhythm tracks. You’ll play your way through the course rather than struggle through charts of boring exercises.

In the first section of the course, Tom guides you through the entire Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Blues Scale and Major Scale systems. Each of these systems features an overview, a presentation of the correlating tonality shapes, a series of playalongs covering the entire neck, a creative application demonstrating the system in an improvisational and musical context, and a discussion on transposing the system to any key.

In the second section, Tom shows you how to connect multiple tonality shapes and multiple positions, which empowers you to play in any key, anywhere on the neck, over any given set of changes. This section also features overviews, the full series of playalongs covering the entire neck, creative applications and more guidance for transposition.

Fretboard Phenom includes over 100 video lessons and playalongs, PLUS Tom also includes a massive 721-page Reference Manual featuring all of the Fretboard Phenom material in ALL 12 keys and in ALL positions. You’ll also get 192 additional single and multi-positional practice rhythm tracks.

Jump in Fretboard Phenom, roll down the windows down, and speed your way to fretboard freedom!

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